Please educate yourself on PVC/Vinyl fencing before you make the purchase! All vinyl is NOT created equal, and many are cheaply manufactured with cheap materials such as recycled or a PVC similar material.  The following information is extremely important to ensure you are purchasing a vinyl fence that will last and stay in beautiful condition with very minimal maintenance.

Our vinyl fencing products were designed with absolute elegance to make your outdoor living space attractive and affordable.  We have all the most popular styles available and can specially make any style that is desired.

Our wait time for installation is only weeks instead of months like our competitor's; and since we are the lowest price around, make sure you call ACE Fencing before you purchase a vinyl fence!  All vinyl is backed by a Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We now offer two different lines of vinyl products.  "Blue Ribbon PVC", and our new line "Home Town Vinyl" which is always in stock on demand, and also offers the popular colors of Almond & Khahki.

Post & Rail
Cap Styles

PVC Facts

A good quality vinyl/pvc fence will contain metal inserts that run along the inside bottom of the fence to prevent sagging over time. There should also be metal sleeves inside the gate posts. A quality vinyl fence should be free from defective manufacturing workmanship and/or materials for the entire life of the fencing that result in peeling, flaking, blistering, corroding, rotting or abnormal discoloration (yellowing) our vinyl contains an EXTRA LAYER of UV INHIBITOR to prevent yellowing. Beware of cheaper versions that may have minimal uv protection. Defects in material usually take years to develop so we recommend that all customers ask fence companies to see a job that is at least 4 years old to see how it's held up in the weather. That will ensure wether you are aquiring a quality product. Vinyl should also be white all the way through if ever scratched, beware of vinyl that has only a white coating, and can be a different color underneath.


Please call or email if you would like some references in your area to view our workmanship and material.


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